Kathreen Absuelo, Visual Artist: ICONIC Art Exhibit Ft. In This Skin

Fine Art

ICONIC Art E x h i b i t
by Kathreen (Visual Artist)

Ft. In This Skin Performance
by Emily Curtiss (Choreographer) + Maiah Manser (Vocal Artist)

Kathreen Absuelo’s ICONIC series will be distinct from her usual work. This collection celebrates local Seattle female artists of all mediums that inspire her. Coming from a mixture of surrealistic and abstract perspectives, her focus for this series is to convey her expressive instincts whilst complimenting her muses’ faces. To bring her boundless imagination to life, Absuelo’s series will also include three exquisitely body painted dancers; Emily Curtiss, Sarah Kendall, Serra Shelton.

IN THIS SKIN is a piece of contemporary choreography by Emily Curtiss. Created for three dancers, the work is based on expressing vulnerability, ferocity, and human connection. Especially prominent is a focus on female relationships, and the power that female artists have to encourage one another. Live vocals by Maiah Manser bring both a softness and a driving force. Throughout this composition, the dancers take turns being fully seen, providing support for each other, and exploring what it is to find expression through movement.

Kathreen Absuelo, Visual Artist
Emily Curtiss, Choreographer/Dancer
Maiah Manser, Vocal Artist
Sarah Kendall, Dancer
Serra Shelton, Dancer

Sponsored by Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.

©2020 Kathreen Absuelo.